#PowerFuture – 2022

Best All-Around Winner

Congratulations to

Aiden Shan

Age: 10. Grade 5.

Aiden’s Idea is…

“The light bulb is the earth, when the earth is powered by green energy, it looks bright, promising and full of hope and light. Below the light bulb, is the polluted industrial world, without the light from the lightbulb. It looks dark, dreary and hopeless. I hope the world to adopt more clean energy like what I drew here: Solar, Wind, Tidal, biomass, hydro and geothermal, etc., so that the animals and people on our planet will continue to thrive.” 

Aiden’s Dream is to…

Become a conservationist, to save endangered species.

Congratulations, Aiden!!

Thank you for sharing your passion and ideas with us in such a wonderful art format! Wish your dream come true!

Committee Members:

  • Shay Bahramirad, Senior Vice President at LUMA Energy, President-Elect of IEEE Power & Energy Society.
  • Jiemei Lin: Senior Graphic Designer at Washington State University.
  • Jessica Lau: Energy Storage and Emerging Technologies Manager at Xcel Energy.
  • Gang Liu: Associate Teaching Professor of Chinese Studies at Carnegie Mellon University.
  • Junhui Zhao, Principal Engineer at ComEd, former Associate Professor at University of New Haven.
  • Jing Cheng: CEO of Noble Tree Publishing Inc., Editor-in-Chief, PiPa Magazine.
  • Helen H. Wu: Publisher at Yeehoo Press, children’s book author and illustrator.

Organized by: